G Festival

G-Festival is the main fund raiser for “Georgias Children of the World” the charity set up by Steve Murray (ex Fast Cars) and this year the 3rd Festival will take place on Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May at Ellesmere Sports Club in Worsley.

Almost a thousand people attended G-Festival last year raising nearly £10,000 for some of the poorest children in the world, some of these funds have already gone to support CHOICE CAMBODIA in the past year .The remaining funds and future donations will be allocated to the ongoing support of CHOICE and other projects around Cambodia and eventually the world… Making “Georgia’s Children of the World” a truly international charity …
Further information on future projects will be announced at G-FESTIVAL 13 .

Activities at G-Festival include: 

Live Music
Bouncy Castle and Fair Rides
Side stalls
Raffle and Auction

Further information about G-FESTIVAL 2013 will be available soon on the this website and “Georgia’s Children” facebook page.

G fest

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